Introducing "Coolbags"

Padded, Insulated, 100% Made in the U.S.A reusable grocery bag sets.

Made from 420 denier nylon "Crinkle" pack cloth, with an 1/8" open cell foam middle, and a nylon tricot mesh inside. The fabric is called "Crinkle" as tri laminated foam fabric, has creases & folds, and crinkles when the fabric is unrolled, cut and sewn.

This set of 4 nylon bags, replaces the equivalent of 10 plastic bags. Each Coolbag can hold 50 pounds of weight. The Main, outer Coolbag holds the other 3 bags inside when stored, has 2 outside pockets, snaps onto your shopping cart handle, has inside Velcro load straps, and snaps closed to keep frozen foods cool.

Three padded, insulated, Coolbags come out of the main bag already formed. They stand up on their own, and won't tip over. Just hand your open Coolbag set to your checker or bagger, and pull the 3 tapered bags out as needed. Set includes 1- small, 1 -medium, 1- large and 1- XL, main bag.

Hand wash, Line dry only. Made in USA. Weight 2 pounds per set. $49.95 per set. Colors: Burgandy, White w/Burgundy trim, Tan. Shipping is by Priority Air mail at $14.00. (medium, flat rate box). So $63.95 total on our paypal shopping cart.

View of one set of 4 bags
$63.95 total, shipped Priority Air Mail

Top view

Last updated 12/12/2016

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