Snow Tube Filling Instructions.


Over the years, our most frequently asked question has been: I think you sent me the wrong size rubber inner tube. I filled it up, but it looks way too small to work?

Answer:  The correct sized rubber inner tube was provided. They are designed to stretch and expand and stretch and expand (a 900-20 or 1000-20 for 44" tubes, a 7.00/7.50 16LT for a Toddler tube or a 34" backhoe tube). This will seem unusual the first time you fill your snow tube, but keep filling with air until your snow tube measures 44" wide by 13" -14" tall for all 44" models, 32" wide by 9 " tall for Toddlers or 62" wide by 18" tall for Giants. Use the same steps to fill our 32" "Toddler" snow tubes, and our 62" "Giant" snow tubes. The dimensions will be different, but the method is the same.

See the slides and steps listed below.

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The steps to fill your snow tube are as follows:

1)Lay your snow tube cover on a flat level area

2)Make sure your snow tube leash is out of the snow tube cover.

3)Insert the rubber inner tube into the snow tube cover with the valve stem pointing up.

4)Line up the valve with the front of the snow tube cover.

5)If your snow tube cover has a pocket, simply flip it up and out of the way for easier inflation.

6)Your snow tube will be 52" wide and 1" tall. (photo 1)

7)Begin inflating with an air compressor until your rubber inner tube begins to take shape. It will be soft and easily adjustable.

8)Center the rubber inner tube in the snow tube cover and make sure the air valve is still pointing toward the front. Your snow tube will be approx 49" wide x 7.5" tall. Your PSI will be 0. (photo 2)

9)Keep inflating and keep inflating until your snow tube seems uniformly full. This is the point when some of our customers call or e-mail thinking we have sent the wrong size inner tube. This is also the last time you can do adjustments for centering the inner tube and air valve. Your snow tube will be approx 46" wide x 12" tall. Your PSI will be 0. (photo 3)

10)Keep inflating and keep inflating until your snow tube is ready for the snow at 44" wide x 13-14" tall. Your PSI will be 0. (photo 4)

Your snow tube is over inflated if the rubber inner tube begins to crease or fold in on itself. This mainly starts at the air valve. Your PSI will be 0.

Use the same steps to fill our 32" Toddler snow tubes, and our 62" Giant snow tubes. The dimensions will be different, but the method is the same.




Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between your Recreational snowtubes and your Commercial snowtubes?

Answer: Our recreational snowtubes weigh 10 pounds, have a 600 denier polyester cover, and an 18.5 ounce vinyl bottom, they are perfect for backyard tubing or a weekend at the tubing hill. Our rental/commercial snowtubes weigh 14 pounds, have an 18.5 ounce, 1000 denier heavy vinyl cover with handles through brass grommets and a very heavy weight 40 ounce vinyl bottom that is 2.1 times thicker that our rec tubes. These are designed to be used & abused everyday and are the same snowtubes we sell to Ski resorts and tubing centers.


Question: I just filled my new snowtube for the first time, and noticed a slight bulge in the rubber inner tube. It is higher on one side, Is this normal? Or did I over inflate the rubber inner tube?

Answer: It may be over inflated. Let some air out and see if it evens out. No two rubber inner tubes are the same. A snowtube is not a sealed, enclosed pressurized system like a car tire and rim . The air always seeks out the weakest part of the rubber to push on. This sometimes creates a bulge or bump. The easiest fix is to deflate until you can spin the rubber inner tube to place the bump or bulge in the back of the snowtube and form a backrest for sitting down tubing.

Question: We are tired of buying the cheapo snowtubes at the big box stores that last a few hours and then pop. Are your snowtubes going to pop the first day we use them?

Answer: No. They will not pop or self destruct in one day. The reason is, our snowtube cover protects the rubber inner tube from coming into contact with twigs, branches or other debris that usually puts holes in the cheapo inflatable plastic tubes. Our snowtubes use a heavy duty truck inner tube, and they can flex, expand, contract and take abuse like no other plastic inflatable. We offer rubber inner tube repair kits with your order for only $4.95 if you ever do get a small leak.

Question: I notice your stock and colors change almost every day. I really wanted a 44" commercial snowtube in Camouflage for a Christmas gift for my son. Are you sold out?

Answer: At this time, we are sold out of that color. Our stock & color selection does change everyday. This is due to the very high demand we get in December. We are open and making snowtubes 7 days a week this time of year. It is not unusual for us to completely sell out of a color in a few days. We also sell the rental/commercial snowtubes to Ski Areas and Tubing centers who sometimes purchase 100-200 tubes at a time. It takes us a while to catch up on our stock. We just ordered more of the Woodland Camouflage fabric, and hope to have 44" rental and 44" Transport tubes in stock the first week of January.

Question: We live on the east coast, and are wondering if your snowtubes are available from any dealers in the New York area. Thanks.

Answer: Sorry, no. We do not wholesale our snowtube products and we only sell direct to the public from our website. By making our products in our own factory, and selling direct to the end user, we can keep our retail prices low and offer a better product and better selection than any retail store. By the way, for 2008, New York State is our #1 customer. We ship more snowtubes to New York State than any other, followed closely by Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Question: I am looking for a hard bottom snowtube. Do you guys carry them?

Answer: Sorry, No. We manufacture soft bottom snowtubes only, for a number of reasons. First off, we want to stay away from the $140.00- $150.00 price tag that hard bottom snowtubes cost. Second is the oversize shipping costs involved in shipping a hard bottom snowtube. All of our snowtubes can be shipped in NON Oversize boxes, sometimes 5 or 6 tubes at a time. This is very important as we are located in Washington State, while 95 % of our customer base is located on the East Coast. Our snowtubes can easily be transported for a day on the tubing hill , and then deflated and fit in the trunk of a car. Hard bottom tubes are large and bulky and take up a lot of room. The bottoms of our snowtubes are heavy vinyl fabric. They do wear over time, but they will not crack, break or split like some polyethylene hard bottom snowtubes can.

Question: I am looking for a snowtube to pull behind my ATV. Can your 44" recreational or 44"  rental/commercial snowtubes be towed?

Answer: No. The only model we manufacture that can be towed is our 44" Towable /Transport snowtube. It is designed for towing with an internal leash system that pulls on the entire snowtube, and not just one spot on the cover. This model has a weight limit of 220 lbs, maximum rider capacity of 1 person only, and a maximum towing speed of 10 MPH. It is also a commercial quality snowtube and comes with a hand tow leash for regular snowtubing.