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Snowtube inventory updated Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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54" JUMBO Towable Snowtube:  $149.95 each, Lime, Yellow

44" Recreational Snowtube  $79.95 ea. 2=$79.00 ea. 3+=$78.00 ea. Blue, Yellow, Red,   Black all with 18 Oz. vinyl commercial grade bottom.

44" Commercial Snowtubes: $95.00 ea. 2=$94.00 ea. 3+=$93.00 ea. Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Woodland Camo, Pink, Blue, Red all with 40 Oz. Gloss black bottoms

44" Towable:  $109.95 each, 2= $108.00 each, 3+ $107.00 each. Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Black,   Pink, Blue, Red with 40 Oz. Gloss  bottom.

32" Toddler: $69.95 ea. Blue, Red, Lime Green, Yellow with 40 Oz. vinyl commercial grade bottom.

Please call for other colors and inventory.

NEW  Covers only without the innertube NEW

32" Toddler tube cover only, Weight 3 Lbs 10 oz $55.00 ea. ( Uses a 700/750R-16LT TR13 CW tube)

44"  Recreational snow tube cover only, Weight 3 Lbs 8 oz, $60.00 ea. ( Uses a 7.5/8.5 x 20, 900-20, 1000-20 TR15 rubber tube)

44"  Commercial snow tube cover only, Weight 6 lbs 8oz. $75.00 ea. ( Uses a 7.5/8.5 x 20, 900-20, or 1000-20 TR15 rubber tube)

44"  Towable Commercial snow tube cover only, Weight 7 lbs, 4 oz. $95.00 ea. ( Uses a 7.5/8.5 x 20, 900-20, or 1000-20 TR15 rubber inner tube)

Colors are as listed in stock above.

Note: The colors shown in photos may not be available at the time of your order. Please refer to this list for the most up to date inventory of colors currently in stock - Thank you.

Shipping Information

Updated 02/15/2022


44" Rec tube complete with rubber inner tube. 8 lbs 6 oz. Shipping weight. 11 lbs.
Rec cover only = 3 lbs 8 oz
44" Commercial tube complete with rubber inner tube. 11 lbs 8oz. Shipping weight 14 lbs. Commercial cover only =6 lbs 8 oz.
44" Towable tube complete with rubber inner tube 11 lbs 12 oz. Shipping weight 15 lbs. Towable cover only 7 lbs
32" Commercial tube complete with rubber inner tube. 6 lbs 1 oz. Shipping Weight 8lbs.
Toddler cover only=3 lbs 10 oz.
16" ID Toddler rubber tube. 2 lbs 6 oz.
20" ID Rubber tube (for all our 44" snowtubes) . 4 lbs 14 oz.


USPS Priority mail for one snowtube to AK approx $25.00 for one Large Flat Rate Box, and $50.00 for two snowtubes to AK in 2 Large Flat Rate Boxes. 3 or more, Priority Air mail to AK is over $100.00.


 logo_ups.gif (449 bytes) We ship UPS ground, UPS 2 day air, and UPS 3 day

11/19/21 UPS shipping costs examples. Rates may vary. Shipping to a business address saves about $3.00
14 pounds = 1 commercial snow tube to N.Y. City = $30.00, 3 day select =$80.0, 2 -day air = $115.00
26 pounds = 2 commercial snow tubes to NY City= $44.00, 3 day select= $110.00, 2- day air = $160.00
39 pounds = 3 commercial snow tubes to N.Y. City =$57.00, 3 day select = $151.00, 2- day air =$220.00

Please provide the following product information (check the current color availability above):

44" Recreational Tube   
44" Recreational Tube Cover Only  
32" Commercial Toddler Tube  
32" Commercial Toddler Tube Cover Only  
44" Commercial   
44" Commercial Cover Only  
44" Towable Snowtube   
44" Towable Snowtube Cover Only  
54" Jumbo Towable Snowtube   
Adult Snowtube Floor  
54" Jumbo Snowtube Floor  
Toddler Snowtube Floor  
16" ID rubber tube for 32" toddler snowtube
20" ID rubber tube for 44" snowtubes 
Replacement "hand tow" leash, 60" long, Black
Innertube Repair Kit
Complete Accessory Kit 44" 
Complete Accessory Kit 32"
KWIK- Violet Family Size- Snowtube bottom Wax Bar
KWIK- Violet Pocket Size- Snowtube bottom Wax Bar
Remember to select the quantity on your Snowtube order. Orders that are received with no quantity will be delayed until we can contact you by email for the quantity desired.
To mix colors for 1 type of tube, specify in the comment box below:

Send us a note, special shipping instructions, additional order information
or items not listed above in this comment box:


If choosing UPS 3 Day select, or UPS 2 day air, we will NOT ship your order until you approve the air shipping quote we email you. You MUST include a phone # where you can be reached. UPS 3 day select for approx. 26 pounds to the east coast is $100.00, UPS 2 Day air is approx. $150.00

Exact shipping costs are added to each order, based on weights as shown below. Snow Tubes are shipped UPS. If you wish an estimate of UPS costs, follow this link, the originating zip code is 98288.

Rec.  model ( shipping weights ) 44" 1=11 lbs, 2=21 lbs, 3= 31 lbs.
Commercial model 44" 1=13  lbs. 2=27 lbs. 3= 39 lbs. 

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