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Updated 11/21/2022

new.gif (116 bytes)EDELWEISS STATIC LINE

14x1200redredred.jpg (30829 bytes)

3 Twist Poly RED
3/8" x 600'

38x1200blackblackblack.jpg (38165 bytes)

3 Twist Poly Black
3/8" x 1200

orgorgbk.jpg (44186 bytes)
Barrier Rope, 3 twist

barrierrope.jpg (76649 bytes)
Barrier Rope, 3 twist

Spooled ropes

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1/4" Barrier Ropes
High visibility, easy to handle, economical and versatile!

3 Twist 1/4" Ropes

1/4" x1200'  3 Twist Poly  Orange/Orange/Black $55.00 ea. 3+ $54.00, 6+ $53.00, 12+ $52.00 IN STOCK, THIS ITEM SHIPS FOB Illinois.

1/4" x1200'  3 Twist Poly  Yellow/Yellow/Black $52.00 ea. 3+ $51.00, 6+ $50.00 IN STOCK, THIS ITEM SHIPS FOB Illinois.

1/4" x1200'  3 Twist Poly  Black/Black/Black $49.00 ea.In stock

1/4" 3 twist rope specs: Weight-1.5LBS per 100 ',Tensile strength =1,125 Pounds.

Hollow Braid 1/4" Ropes

1/4" x1000'  Hollow Braid Poly Bright Red  $43.00 ea  $43.00 ea. (special order, 12 spool minimum)

1/4" x1000'  Hollow Braid Poly FLOUR Orange $45.00 ea. (12 spool minimum) ships from Illinois IN STOCK

1/4" x1000'  Hollow Braid Poly International Orange $43.00 ea. (12 spool minimum) Sold out until January 15, 2017

1/4" Hollow braid rope specs: Weight- 8 pounds per 1000' , Tensile strength= 900 Pounds.

5/16"  3 Twist Barrier Ropes

5/16" x 600' Yellow/Yellow/Magenta also called "Nuclear rope" $45.00 ea. 1 IN STOCK

5/16" x 600' Med. Purple/Med. Purple/Med. Purple $42.00 ea. 1 IN STOCK

3/8"  3 Twist Barrier Ropes

3/8" x 600'     3 Twist Poly Yellow/Yellow/Black $47.00 2 in stock

3/8" x 600'     3 Twist Poly Orange/Orange/Black $47.00 6+ $46.00, 12+ $45.00 SOLD OUT FOR SEASON

3/8" x 600'   3 Twist Poly Black/Black/Black   $45.00 Special Order

3/8" x 600'   3 Twist Poly Red/Red/Red   $47.00 Special Order

3/8" 3 twist Poly rope specs: Weight-2.60 pounds per 100', Tensile strength=2430 lbs.

All rope orders are shipped UPS ground. To save time & shipping costs, your order may be shipped from one of our many FOB points including, Skykomish, WA, Chicago, IL or Atherton, CA.

MOORE Mfg™ Triangular MESH FLAGS

New product from Moore Mfg! High visibility fluorescent orange vinyl triangular

shaped flags. Secure them with zip-ties. 2 sizes: Sm:$.30 ea. Lg:$.50 ea.

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2" Barricade Ribbon
High visibility poly strap, extra strength 2" x 150 ft.
$7.95 per roll, 36 roll case is $7.50 per roll = $270.00 per case. The color is Red/Orange. ships UPS at 30 pounds per case. We have it in stock in Skykomish, WA.

flagribbon.jpg (34168 bytes)
2" Barricade Ribbon

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Tubular Webbing

Tubular Webbing.jpg (21337 bytes)

Super strong  1" and 2" tubular webbing. Needle loom webbing for a multitude of high strength uses.  1" rated to 4000 lbs., 2' rated to 6000 lbs. WARNING: Spools may contain splices.

1" x 300' Tubular Webbing- 4,000 Lbs, Comes in Red, Royal, Yellow, Purple, Black, Teal, Silver, Rust, OD, Navy, or Forest Green $120.00 ea.

2" x 150' Tubular Webbing- 6,000 Lbs, Comes in Red, Royal or Blue $130.00 ea.

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An excellent choice for a wide variety of rescue and static rope needs. Polyester sheath, nylon core ,static kernmantle construction.This rope is static design for no stretch, so it's not for climbing, but is great for rescue, lowering equipment, rappelling, etc. 8000 lbs. tensile.  Color: White

7/16 is the most commonly used size for Chair Lift evacuation. CE & NFPA certified.
KM3 7/16 x 300' White $ 325.00 per spool.
KM3 7/16 x 600' White $ 550.00 per spool. 3+ $525.00ea
KM3 1/2" x 300' White $ 399.00 per spool.
KM3 1/2" x 600' White $ 600.00 per spool


new.gif (116 bytes)EDELWEISS STATIC LINE

Edelweiss Cevian Uni 11mm x 600’ White Static Line $500.00 per spool.

Edelweiss Cevian Static Line

Singing Rock Triangle Evac Harnesses

Singing Rock Triangle Evac Harnesses

A "CE" certified harness built for evacuating patients of all sizes. Specially suited for chair lift or gondola evacuations. The sit harness is a classic triangle design and the Combi has added leg loops for extra comfort.

Triangle Evac sit harness. 810 Grams. $69.00 ea, 10+ $67.00 ea

Triangle Evac Combi Harness 990 Grams $85.00 ea, 10+ $83.00 ea

triangleharnesslg.jpg (13922 bytes)
Triangle Harness

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Lift Evac Ropes

Tag Line
Lift evac Item.1/4"x 1000' Polyester Soft braided rope used for pulling static line over haul rope.


Tag Line
Tag Line



abcdirtbaggerropetarp.jpg (32134 bytes) Keep your rope clean and untangled! This is the simplest and easiest way to carry your rope to the crags. Just lay out our spacious tarp, flake the rope onto it and tie each end off to the brightly colored loops. The reinforced carrying handle makes it simple to carry from climb to climb, or it will fit easily into your pack. We have sewn cording into the edges of the tarp to keep it from blowing away. Assorted colors
  • Weight: 443 grams
  • Dirtbagger large measures: 57" x 72"
  • Weight: 614 grams


Features include construction of 500D cordura, tie-in loop inside for use as a throw bag, two reflective daisy chains sewn on the top of the bag, carry handles on both ends, detachable shoulder strap, and zipper closure. Will hold ropes up to 200'. Assorted colors
  • Dimensions: 5"x10"x21"
  • Weight: 231 grams

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6mm x 300 NE Cord.jpg (19255 bytes)

CYPHER Accessory Cord

Strong nylon core and nylon sheath design work well for a variety of applications. Static design allows almost no stretch.

Strength in lbs. Size Color Price
2788 7mm x 300' Yellow or Black $ 135.00
3102 8mm x 300' Yellow, Black or Blue $ 148.00

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