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arakan poles
Arakan Trekking Poles

$39.95 per pr.

2 pair $75.00

Arakan Anti-Shock Trekking Poles

Brand New from Arakan. Nice, blue color anti shock trekking/ski pole. FEATURES: 3 section antishock, carbide tip, collapsed size 25.5", extended size 54"(135 cm). Ergonomic rubber grip with strap. Includes screw on/off hiking basket and removeble rubber tip. Snowflke baskets not included, but it looks like other snowflake baskets from brands like REI, EXPE, Gable will fit if you need them for skiing. The anti shock mechanism works at any length and is a spring type. Removable/ replaceable adjustable nylon wrist straps are included. Middle section has all increments in CM printed for easy adjustment. Spring and cam devices look very easy to replace if needed. These are great entry level poles and won't drain your budget like Leki or Life link poles.

  Buy 1 pair for $39.95

  Buy 2 pair for $75.00

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Fizan Black Landscape $29.95
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Fizan "Black Landscape" Trekking Poles -CLOSEOUT
We are closing out these 3 section trekking poles from Fizan.
Hard grip, adjustable strap, and E-basket with HT tip. Extends 24-55.1in (61-140cm). Includes 2.2in (55mm) basket. Weight: 7.72oz (240g) Color Black.

$29.95 per pair.

  Buy 1 pair for $29.95

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